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The vision The vision

Foodnected is driven by the vision of bringing producers and consumers together through a Community of Practice grounded in shared values.

By shortening the distance between producers and consumers and developing an ethical code of environmental and social values for the way food is produced and consumed, the project addresses shortcomings in the prevailing market system and reverse the unfair situation faced by small-scale producers.

Foodnected intends to facilitate the emergence of short-chain food systems that work for nature and people – both consumers and the small-scale producers who depend on them for their livelihood.


What is a Community of Practice?

The Foodnected CoP is an organised group of small producers and other key players of the food system. We share values and approach to sustainability. Together we are transforming the current food system into a fairer and sustainable one in order to have a healthy planet and resilient communities.

Our CoP is an approach to learning that focuses on people and the social relationships and structures that allow us to improve skills and learn from each other’s experiences.

The Foodconnected Community of Practice The Foodconnected Community of Practice
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